Reputation Management Works By Pushing Down Negative Search Results To A Position Where Analytics Show Almost Nobody Looks


If your negative listing is pushed off the first page it is very unlikely that it will be found. In fact if it is pushed off page two then it is almost guaranteed.

Look at the metrics which show the number of people who click on the top results.

Notice that very few look beyond page one. About 2% at most, even if they are doing due dilligence.

We push negative news stories and

other damaging listings off the

first pages of Google search results.



We have been doing this since 2004 and specialise in Australian (.au) negative listings in the media such as the ABC or the SMH and The Age. We push them down with Australian (.au) alternative content.

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How Does Reputation Management Work?


Clients generally come to us because of damaging search results on Google that do not accurately represent them or do not portray them in a way that they would like to present themselves. These damaging search results usually continue to linger online if no action is taken and can hurt the client both personally and professionally.

This method of cleaning a client’s reputation online is called “suppression”. The negative item of content, or in some cases multiple pieces, is pushed off from page one and replaced with acceptable content by using the normal methods of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).



Press Articles – why do the rank so high in google


Negative press results in particular can be difficult to suppress on Google because news outlets are considered authoritative and rank highly for that reason. One key to pushing down unwanted results is to create and manage positive web properties that optimize a client’s name or business, and then update them regularly. In time, Google will begin to recognize these sites as being extremely relevant to the client’s name or brand.

However, just creating content may well not be enough, even if it is updated regularly. The next step is to create a link from another website to the positive piece of content as this tells Google something important. It is a primary SEO signal for Google which influences its ranking algorithm – popularity.


Google’s algorithm for ranking websites – content plus links


Google works on an assumption that if many websites are pointing to a particular piece of content, using a clickable link that is relevant to the search term, then the target piece of content must be highly authoritative for this particular search – it is like a popularity contest. This may sound odd, but it is in fact based on the academic citation model used in academia whereby when authors publish research that cite their original sources – with the end result being that the cited source is seen to become very authoritative over time.


These two areas, creating new content, (or identifying existing suitable content) and creating an authoritative back link profile for that content, are the services that we provide and the techniques that we use to influence Google’s search algorithm to push acceptable content above the negative items and thereby pushing down (suppressing) the negative content.


How long does it take to get a result


This whole process takes time, not only the time to actually do the work, but more so because it takes time for Google to find these links, and then longer still for Google to process these signals through their ranking algorithm.

It can often take Google several weeks to find and then process the data, and then to recalibrate its algorithm to rearrange the rankings on page one. It takes time, but it does happen.

It can often look like nothing is happening when you look at the search results as you see nothing change. However, behind the scenes Google is finding the content, assessing the quality of the links, factoring this data into a score for the acceptable article, and then recalibrating the order of importance it associates to the article IN RELATION TO the other articles on page one by way of its algorithm, and then finally when it refreshes the algorithmic filters for the search term (the client’s name) the search results change.

This is the reason why a reputation management campaign usually takes several months to complete.


At Sydney Search Results Pty Ltd, trading with the website we have been successfully managing online reputations since 2005. We were the first company in Australia actively using suppression techniques to manage client reputations.

We are fully Australian owned and Australian operated with the current ABN number: 50 136 524 680. Many of our competitors, despite using an Australian phone number are offshore companies not fully able to operate in the Australian domain of


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