We push negative news stories and

other damaging listings off the

first pages of Google search results.



We have been doing this since 2004 and specialise in Australian (.au) negative listings in the media such as the ABC or the SMH and The Age. We push them down with Australian (.au) alternative content.

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The Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Company To Repair Your Online Reputation


Please watch the video above with David Cannell, the business owner, so that you can understand:

The 7 Important Points You Need To Consider BEFORE You Hire a Reputation Management Company.

Then you can call us on (02) 8005 0339 for a full explanation of what we do and how we can and help with your reputation problem. 

PLEASE NOTE: From March, 2020 We Have Changed Our Telephone Number From The One Quoted In The  Video – our current number is (02) 8005 0339

We hide negative news items, forum posts, blogs etc by pushing them down onto lower pages of the search results. 

we push negative sites down

It is not always easy to push items off Google. It does requires a lot of skill and experience. But we can do it. We have been doing it for many years as you can see if you take a look at our “Mentions In The Media” page on this website.

So how should you decide which reputation management firm to go for?

I have outlined here the key points that will save you MONEY and WASTED TIME.

1) Do the company have a solid reputation and track record themselves, with appearances on national TV, and in the national press going back several years?
We do.

2) Are they willing to meet you face to face at your offices or place of your choice in Australia to go through everything with you? Covid-19 Update – currently we only do phone/Zoom consults.
We are.

3) Are they happy to let you try out their services for one month, so that you see good results before you commit to a second month? (Or do they try and tie you into a long term contract?)
We are willing to go month by month with you.

4) Is the person you speak to a reputation management expert, who co-ordinates everything himself. (Or is it a sales person, who will later on put you on to a customer support person who knows nothing and will fob you off with platitudes?)
You will meet or speak over the phone with our SEO Reputation Expert: David Cannell. No sales people. No juniors.

5) Do they offer a realistic and fair price, based on the amount of work and skill that is needed? (Or do they offer a dirt cheap price that is too good to be true?)
We will give you a realistic quote.

6) Do they offer a cast iron guarantee that if the page one results are not pushed down at all at the end of the first 3 months, they will work free until it is? Beware of potentially misleading and useless guarantees from other firms that promise to rank positive assets [i.e. pages] on the third page of Bing.
We do (Gold Packages only)

7) Do they use cutting edge SEO & Digital Marketing techniques?
We do.

Call us now on (02) (02) 8005 0339 or fill out our contact form.

Discretion assured.