Young businesswoman working on touch screenReputation Management Tips- the three things you can do to manage your online reputation

How to Manage your Online Reputation the Right Way


Every business – from big corporations to a small corner stores – can enjoy the advantages of effective online reputation management. Most business owners these days know  how damaging a negative blog post, newspaper article, consumer review or a simple tweet can be, so if they are smart they will go to go great lengths to ensure an encouraging online presence for their products, services and brands. Failure to do this can be lethal for a business. But where to start?


There are various simple ways to enhance your business’s online reputation that are very effective in online reputation management. Your online brand and name recognition are extremely important and your revenue can be significantly affected by how how your brand or trading name looks online. So keep in mind these simple steps when starting out:

1) Assign Someone In The Company To Monitor Your Reputation

Decide on designating someone within your company to manage your business’s online reputation. This will totally depend upon the size of your company and more clearly the size of the potential problems that could arise. A dedicated single person can tackle this by spending time each day checking your social media profiles, doing a quick Google search for your brand and setting up alerts with Google, or for bigger companies a full-time team diligently appointed to overseeing your company’s online reputation management by forming connections with opinion leaders, bloggers and journalists to ensure the corporate image that you want is the one found online.

2) Fresh Content On Multiple Channels

Your company will have a website, maybe a blog and a Facebook fan page. If you have various marketing channels you have to make sure that you update these frequently with fresh, interesting content so as not to appear as a “closed store front” – and also monitor all applicable review websites to glance through what customers are saying about your company, and where need be, respond helpfully and courteously.

3) Customer Feedback

You should be asking your customers to share their valuable feedback with you. You should solicit your customers to write testimonials whenever appropriate as today’s business is driven by consumer feedback and references. Go by the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

If you are interested in outsourcing your reputation management then call us and we will be able to take the load off your shoulders.